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Easy Herbs to Grow Indoors

Keep your kitchen supplied with fresh herbs year round with these herbs that thrive indoors.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a very easy plant to grow indoors because it requires low/little light, however it does need regular watering. To avoid the lag time it takes to raise the plant to a harvest-able size, buy an already-started plant and grow it in freely draining potting soil.

Lemon balm’s fresh lemon fragrance and flavor pairs nicely with fish and chicken dishes and fruit, and can easily be used to make herbal tea.


Cilantro prefers cooler temperatures than most plants, so keeping it near an east- or west-facing window indoors is enough. This is a no-fuss plant that only need occasional watering.

Cilantro pairs well with many dishes, especially Mexican or Thai dishes and those with beans, cheese, eggs and fish. Add them to the end of your dish to maintain its delicate flavor and texture.


Like Cilantro, parsley prefers cooler temperatures to grow. Occasional watering and bright light serves as a great setting for a thriving plant.

Generally used as a garnish, parsley also adds bright color and flavor to soups, salads and fresh sauces.


With the right conditions, chives will grow continuously year round. Make sure you provide direct sunlight and consistently moist soil for a prime growing condition.

Chives add a tasty, but mild onion flavor to eggs, soups, and salads, and make a great garnish.


There is almost no scenario in which mint cannot grow. With dozens of varieties available your options are extensive. Simply plant your favorite type in potting soil and water regularly for a thriving plant. Mint grows back with a vengeance as well, so be prepared to have mint year round and for a long time.

Mint is great for herbal teas, mixed drinks, salads and desserts. They are a beautiful plant that will keep your apartment smelling fresh.


Basil is a great herb to grow in Arizona because of the near constant sunlight the state sees. Keep this plant in a window that received lots of direct sunlight in order for it to thrive.

Basil is a great herb to use in a lot of different foods, including salads, sandwiches and sauces. Grow enough and you’ll have enough to make your own pesto!

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