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Why You Should Join a Summer Sports League

Summer can bring back great memories of playing on summer leagues as a kid. Not only was it fun, it was physically and mentally healthy, although we didn’t know it then. There are many benefits, in fact, to playing on a summer sports league even as an adult.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Sticking to fitness goals can be difficult when it feels like a chore to go to the gym. Luckily nowadays you don’t need to turn into a gym rat in order to get fit. There are tons of classes offered providing a different type of workout, including barre, HIIT, yoga and more. But in the summertime, why not join a summer league that takes the fitness outside? Not only will it get you moving outside in the sun (Vitamin D!) but it will help keep you accountable to your teammates, surpass daily fitness goals, de-stress from a busy day, and maintain a regular channel for exercise without even realizing it. Summer leagues are also great for people who are competitive – you’ll get regular exercise and have fun doing it with like minded people.

Expand Your Social Network

Summer leagues are a great way to meet a lot of new people who you have something major in common with – sports, competitiveness and having fun! Regular outings with new people can help you develop your social skills but also boost your confidence and self-esteem. Joining a summer sports league can give you the motivation you need to get out of the house and be around other people.

Work Hard, Play Harder

After a hard day’s work there is nothing you want more than to blow of some steam. Everyone has different ways they do this, from having a few drinks to going to the gym to singing loudly in your car on your drive home. Joining a summer league is also a great way to blow of steam and de-stress from a long week, in addition to the many other benefits. Just twenty minutes of running a court or field can ease anxiety, reduce tension and relieve depression. It’s a great way to boost your mood and energy, leading to an overall improved and happier lifestyle.


Now that you know some of the benefits of joining a summer sports league, all that’s left is to sign up! Here are some local leagues to check out:

  • City of Tempe League – The City of Tempe holds nearly 1,000 classes, leagues and activities for everyone from kids to adults.
  • Arizona Sports League – The Arizona Sports League organizes different sports events and activities across the Phoenix metro area. Sign up with friends to create a team or sign up as a free agent to join a team and meet new people!

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